At our dojo we attempt to practice Aikido in a scientific and artful way, hoping to bring Aikido to life on the mat, while not forgetting, that we may one day find it necessary to bring Aikido to life in the world. The samurai knew this, that a martial art should be practiced to refine and fulfill one's life, but also to develop the skills required to save that life. This is what we try to bring to our training, along with the enrichment that comes from all art, that after experiencing that art, we simply feel more alive.

Gary Shabo Sensei

2520 Albans (near Rice University) Houston, TX 77005

For further information regarding schedule, directions to our location, and possibly visiting our school to observe a class, please call 713-464-6407.

Gary Shabo Sensei has a new book, aikido.calm. Go to the buy aikido.calm link for more information.

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